If you do a compare of a driver with a Package installed that has a GCV
installed, you will see a DirXML-GlobalConfig attribute in the list of
different attributes.

So I went on a bit of a snipe hunt, since there is no such attribute in

Turns out it is a linkage using the existing DirXML-Policies attribute,
and a value like:
cn=GCVObject,cn=Driver,cn=DriverSet,ou=IDM,o=servi ces#1#14

So the 1 is the order (starting at 0, I need to get rid of this one) and
the 14 means GCV's. The various stages of the fishbone diagram all have
numbers. I was sure I once saw the numbers written down somewhere, but
cannot find it now. Anyway, looks like 14 is GCV objects.

Just for those of you who were wondering. I wonder why Designer remaps
the name? I guess it is consistent since the Policy set linkages show
as individual fake attributes as well.