We are using Novell IDM 3.6.1. We have one SAP-HR driver (WITHOUT
RemoteLoader) which is reading the IDOCs from a IDOC File Directory in
the same box.
We are facing problems when there are special characters present in the
IDOCs for naming attributes. In SAP-HR driver, 'SAP User Language' is
'Dutch' and 'Character Set Encoding' is left Blank (although checked
with values like UTF8,ISO8859-1,IDO8859_1, UTF16). We have also used
same combination for ENGLISH language also.
From the SAP team we got some information as below: (i) The system is
NON-Unicode. (ii) Codepage in Table TCPDB is 1100 (iii) Additional
language is Dutch, with supplement language English.

We are using one ECMA spcipt function to replace the special chars as
function specialCharFormatter(str){
str=str.replace ("","c");
str=str.replace ("", "e");
str=str.replace ("", "i");
str=str.replace ("", "n");
str=str.replace ("", "o");
str=str.replace ("", "u");
str=str.replace ("", "y");
str = str.replace(/[^a-zA-Z 0-9]+/g,'');
return String(str);
which is working fine when testing it in the Designer.
When the IDOCs is having special chars like '' OR
"" OR "" etc, in the TRACE it's coming as
'??????????' and when the ECMA function is executed always returning
value 'cn'.
Required trace from the start point (Trace level 10) is partly as
-------Part 1----
Parsing infotype: 0002, subtype:
PT:ParseIDoc: GSA segment 'E2P0002001'
PT:ParseIDoc: Infotype 'P0002' is in filter or valid
PT:ParseIDoc: Field name: 'P:P0002:RUFNM:none'
PT:ParseIDoc: keyVal is 234:25
PT:ParseIDoc: Field data is at location 234, length 25
PT:ParseIDoc: IDOCOFFSET: '297', len: '25'
PT:ParseIDoc: Field data is: '??????????????'
PT:ParseIDoc: Putting field 'P0002:RUFNM:none:234:25', value
'??????????????' in inputHash hashtable
---- ----
similarly in the input doc
-------Part 2------
<modify-attr attr-name="P0002:RUFNM:none:234:25">
<value seqnr="000"
When the ECMA script is executed for GivenName

------Part 3------
PT: arg-string(token-op-attr("Given Name"))
PT: token-op-attr("Given Name")
PT: Token Value: "??????????????".
PT: Arg Value: "??????????????".
PT: Action:
do-set-local-variable("formattedGivenName",scope="policy",token-xpath("es:specialCharFormatter($formattedGivenName )")).
arg-string(token-xpath("es:specialCharFormatter($formattedGivenName )"))
PT: token-xpath("es:specialCharFormatter($formattedGivenName )")
PT: Token Value: "cn".
PT: Arg Value: "cn".
PT: Action: do-reformat-op-attr("Given
PT: arg-string(token-local-variable("formattedGivenName"))
PT: token-local-variable("formattedGivenName")
PT: Token Value: "cn".
PT: Arg Value: "cn".
Please suggest what should be the value in 'Character Set Encoding' in
the Driver Configuration?

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