I have a 3.61 server connected to a 3.61 RL on an 2008 DC with an AD
driver that today provisions users to AD and Exchange 2007.
Now, half of the users will be migrated to Exchange 2010 and I want to
create Exchange 2010 users for half of the company, half will still be
on 2007.

Can I do this with the same driver? or do I have to set up another
driver for this?

My initial feeling was that I might need two drivers, one connected to
the 2007 box wit the Exchange 2007 Management Tools and one connected to
the box with Exchange 2010 Management Tools.

If this is the correct setup I can filter the subscriber channel based
on the homeMDB or country attribute, the same can apply to the
But how do I deal with the passwords? Only one RL will get them and
pass them on.

Any suggestions on how to make two drivers play nice ?

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