if you sync a DN flagged attr, eDir to eDir, then it will require that
the referenced DN be associated in the target system. Else you get the
'Could not resolve association for ..." error or the like.

However there are exceptions. Like [Public]. You can sync that in a
DN, since every tree has one, and it is a weird psuedo DN you can use.

In fact I have seen trace where the driver is ok with it.

But [This] looks like it is not properly handled.

Now, I suppose, I could detect in XPATH, //@type='dn' and then the value
(I guess //@attr-name='ACL'/component[@name='trustee'] and then if that
is \[This] then strip out the type='dn' but as I look at a trace, I see
that it actually is not flagged that way, alas.

I wonder if you reformatted it to TREE\[This]? I think this is a bug
(if [Public] is handled, then [This] should be handled, and are there
any other square bracketed pseudo DN's that need to be added to that list?

IDM 4 is where we tested this.