I have an AD driver that's been running for a little over a year, it's
version is 3.5.8 and is running on IDM 3.6.1. My client wishes to
change their naming scheme and so I have written a loopback driver that
renames user object with the new scheme. Most things work fine, the
sAMAccountName and userPrincipalName attributes change appropriately.
However, the "name" attribute, which I am guessing is the attribute that
is displayed in the AD Users and Computers interface on the AD server,
is not changing nor the "CN" attribute. When I perform the rename from
the AD side, the "CN" and "name" attributes are changed but not the
"userPrincipalName" nor "sAMAccountName".

In the driver, eDir "CN" is mapped to "sAMAccountName". I tried
extending the schema and added an attribute that I mapped to "name" and
set this value but when it was processed by the remote loader on the AD
side I got the error "operation not allowed".

So, my question is, how do I get all of these attribute to synchronize

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