We have edir-Ad password sync successfully set up for a number of
different AD domains at our company.

We recently set it up on an older domain to get us through a migration
period. We are having good results for the most part. However, we are
seeing one problem consistently. When users are prompted by AD that they
have x number of days left to change their password and they click ok to
change, the password is not changing properly. It says it changes but
neither AD or edir are changed, Outlook will prompt them for a password
(neither old or new work) and the eDir takes the old password. This only
seems to happen when the message comes up about changing, doing a manual
change password (with Ctrl+Alt+Del or from ADUC) seems to work just

In this particular situation, we are running IDM 3.0.1 on eDir 8.8.5
and Remote Loader 3.0.1 on Win2K.

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