From the docs:

When two events occur on the syntax stream attribute, the first attribute change is lost
Source: The Identity Manager 4.0.1 engine does not store the STREAM and OCTET_STRING attributes in the cache. When an event is synchronized to the connected system, the engine reads these attributes from the Identity Vault and updates the connected system. If these attributes are modified before the engine reads them from the Identity Vault, the modified value is updated in the connected system and the intermediate change might be lost.
Action: If the attribute is changed frequently, use an appropriate syntax other than SYN_STREAM.
For example, if an XML object is stored in the STREAM attribute, use XMLData syntax instead of SYN_STREAM.
Does this mean if a driver is stopped and an event on for example
nspmDistributionPassword/Public/Private Key (Octet String) comes through
it won't be cached/seen by the stopped driver?

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