Hey Novell forum readers,

I am looking for confirmation for my steps in installing the remote
loader PassSync utility onto a Domain controller.

The scenario is as follows:

The client is implementing a 3 server architecture with AD, i.e they
have a member server which is between the Identity Vault(IDM 3.6.1) and
the Domain Controllers. Aside from the usual features of provisioning
into AD, they also wish to implement Password Synch. For this I believe
the requirement is to have pwfilter.dll to be running on the domain
controllers so that passwords can be synced. I have all this working.
However, my question is in regards to section 6 in the documentation of
the AD driver. This particular section mentions that for this particular
implementation I need to install pwfilter.dll through the PassSync

The way that I have been installing the PassSync utility onto the
domain controller is by running the install, customising the utilities
and then selecting only the AD driver and the Remote Loader Service. The
part I need confirmation for is why we need to select the Remote Loader
Service (ticking the box in the install screen) along with the AD
driver? For reference see:



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