This kind of sucks. With IDM 4 and Packages, iManager did not get
updated snapins that support Packages, rather they did the bare minimum
to get going. Alas.

So one thing missing, is the ability to edit some of the new object
types in Packages.

For example, GCV objects. Or to add linkages for GCV objects to a
driver config.

The first I can cheat, and manage via Modify Object and edit the XMLData
attribute. (Changing GCV's should be allowed in Packages, without
'dirtying' the package).

The latter is more painful.

One issue you might encounter when developing in Designer with more than
one developer revolves around conflicting changes.

Specifically, there are a number of attributes that you can only push
via Designer by pushing the parent object. (Like Linkage for policies,
ECMA objects, GCV objects, etc).

If you push a parent object, even by doing a compare, you get an
effective Deploy, which has certain side affects.

For example, Named passwords will deploy from the original Designer that
pushed them, but a different Designer that imported the project, if it
deploys will usually blank the named passwords or the like on a Deploy.

So when I get into one of these circumstances, and there are changes I
need, I use iMan, make the change (like reordering policies) and then
next compare, I am up to date.

I suppose I could just edit the attr in Console1 but would be nice (and
appropriate) to at least be able to do this in iManager.

PS: GCV objects do not HAVE to be part of a Package. Nothing stops you
from using them outside of a Package. They are just required for
Packages to be able to deliver Package specific GCV's.