Section 8 of the SAP UM Fanout driver docs (IDM 4) talks about the three
entitlement granting agents (Entitlements Service driver, Workflow, and
Roles and Resources driver via RBPM).

Then it says:

"The RBPM is the only supported entitlement agent for the fan-out
configuration of the driver."

Why? What is unique about the RBPM grants that are different than the
other two?

I am exploring how entitlements work, and I cannot see a reason for
this... The only thing that comes to mind, might be a requirement for
some value in the entitlement that cannot be generated for the others.
(Aka In the XML payload in the path.xml component of the

On that note, does anyone have handy the path.xml from a sample user
with an entitlement?

I am collecting what they look like from the various sources. I have
one from RBE already: (Valued entitlement example).

<id>services\IDM\DriverSet\Entitlement Policies\UserAccount</id>

I am trying to find a sample from RBPM via Roles and Resources drivers,
and one from a Workflow granted entitlement. Any one have one handy?