We have the need to do some queries that can not be done with Novell's
out of the box query token, so I have been trying to use the ECMAscript
based LDAP search script from the password expiration notification
application that has been referenced in the forums. I have added the
ECMAscipt to the driver and I attempt to call it using local variables
and GVC's like this:

<do-set-local-variable name="lv-queryResults" scope="policy">
<token-xpath expression="es:ldapSearch($LdapConnect, $LdapPort,
$LdapUseTls, $LdapTlsKeystore, $LdapTlsStorepass, $LdapLogin,
$LdapPassword, '~UserLdapSearchBase~', '~UserLdapSearchScope~', $filter,
$account-attrlist, ~LdapMaxResultSet~)"/>

This returns an error. This is what shows up in the trace log:

QD PT: Action:
pPort, $LdapUseTls, $LdapTlsKeystore, $LdapTlsStorepass, $LdapLogin,
$LdapPassword, 'OU=users,OU=vault,O=osu', 'sub', $filter,
$account-attrlist, 0)"))).
QD PT: arg-node-set(token-xpath("es:ldapSearch($LdapConnect,
$LdapPort, $LdapUseTls, $LdapTlsKeystore, $LdapTlsStorepass, $LdapLogin,
$LdapPassword, 'OU=users,OU=vault,O=osu', 'sub', $filter,
$account-attrlist, 0)"))
QD PT: token-xpath("es:ldapSearch($LdapConnect, $LdapPort,
$LdapUseTls, $LdapTlsKeystore, $LdapTlsStorepass, $LdapLogin,
$LdapPassword, 'OU=users,OU=vault,O=osu', 'sub', $filter,
$account-attrlist, 0)")
QD PT: Token Value: {<status> @level = "error"}.
QD PT: Arg Value: {<status> @level = "error"}.

The error message is not very helpful, but from the lines above it
looks like the local variables are not getting dereferenced properly,
although the GVC's are.

Does that make sense? Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might
be doing wrong?


Joe Kubasek
OCIO at the Ohio State University

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