We are developing a SOAP driver, which queries a web service for user data
based on the driver's publisher heartbeat.

The web service is only able to return all users from a query (can't query
for specific users).

The OTS transforms a <query> to a web service query. The ITS transforms all
web service answers to <instance> documents.

So, when the <instance> documents returned are transformed to <sync>-events
by the engine, it queries back for all attributes in the filter for the
FIRST instance-document.
The query is transformed in the OTS into a web service query (which again
returns ALL users.
The ITS transforms the answer to <instance> again, and eventually the FIRST
<instance> document from the migrate operation, is transformed by the engine
to an ADD operation. Then it processes the next <instance> document from the
migrate operation, querying for ALL users, iterates through the answer and
generates the next ADD operation.
This off course takes ages (as you can see), due to the limitation in only
returning ALL users from a query.

What I would like to do, however, is to transform the answer from the first
query (which returns all users and attributes directly into MODIFY/ADD
From discussions on the forum I can't see how to do this any way....


Toralf Lote