I posted something about this a while back with a fix but turns out it
wasn't actually a fix :-(

So i have an environment with an IDprovider, i use the RMI server to
produce unique ID's for all of the source systems within my environment.
The environment consists of a number of localised IDV's feeding up in to
a centralised IDV so there are a number of different sites behind a
number of different firewalls with the IDprovider and RMI server running
on the central IDV.

Currently all is working fine and the drivers are getting unique ID's
except when a firewall is in the way. We have opened port 1099 for the
initial request, the only remaining issue is that RMI randomises the
port for the rest of the communication. I figured out what it was once
via tcpdump and got everything working, it stayed with this port and all
was good until the IDV was rebooted and the RMI randomised to a new port
on start up. Only work around at the moment is to either open a new port
on every reboot or have all ports open between the servers, both of
which suck.

I've scoured the net and it seems there is a port paramter within RMI
somewhere that has a zero value which i can change it to a value of my
choice. Issue is i cant find this parameter anywhere, i've decompiled
the idprovider jar and had a dig around with no success, ive been
searching for some kind of config file or paramter to pass on start up
but again no luck.

Anyone have any idea what im talking about or had any experience with
this in the past?? Help very much apreciated.....

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