IDM 3.6.1
Active Directory Windows 2003
Exchange 2003

I am going to implement a driver for Exchange using entitlements and
Exchange mailbox provisioning (CDOEXM).
The provisioning as such is working! New user and mailboxes will be
created by the driver. The Echange HomeMDB will be applied
from the GCV's.

An eMail administrator will made a manual load balancing over about 15
storage groups on the Exchange server. I would like to synchronize these
change of the homeMDB attribute from the from Active directory to the
IDM Vault. Therefore I created an auxillary attribute auxhomeMDB -
Mapped homeMDB and auxhomeMDB and put them on the filter.

This should avoid the users will be disconnected from their mail boxes
once the driver made a resync.

I have seen many threats regarding the problem to synchronize the
homeMDB because the attribute will be recognized as DN by the driver.

Could someone told me exactly - what is to do - To synchronize the
homeMDB attribute to the IDM when the mailbox has been moved manually to
a different storage group by the Exchange administrator.

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