Hi guys,

I have a situation where I need to create/maintain users in a mainframe
application. This application runs outside my client´s environment and
he has no access to database structure or anything from the apllication
besides terminal emulator access and web access to the application.

I´m looking for a way to create and maintain users in this application
using an IDM driver. My first thought was to use a Scripting driver
together with a terminal emulator that would support some kind of macro
scripting. The Scripting driver would generate a script to do what I
want and then activate the terminal emulator to run this script. Have
anyone done this? Would this work?

Another path is to access the web pages and fill out the information on
the pages navigating on all necessary pages to create or maintain the
user information. This one I have no idea if it is possible. If anyone
have done it and could share how it was done, I would apreciate.

Any ideas are welcomed. Thanks in advance for your help.


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