I have a JDBC driver that updates a database (MSSQL 2007) via a
transaction type logic. The driver only has the Subscriber option on and
does only inserts into the transaction file with flags for logic (N=new,
U=update, D=delete, R=rename). Because of this configuration the Driver
is set to schema-unaware (no views or tables specified), has no matching
policies linked, and all logic to update the database is done though SQL
calls imbedded in XSLT.

Now the requirements for the driver has been changed! The database can
potentially send back 4 different attributes to existing users in the
Vault. No creates, deletes, or renames just updating of 4 attributes to
existing users. The database contains the unique CNs of users in the
Vault. My questions relate to how to go about configuring the Publisher
channel to except only those 4 attributes and matching on CN.

I am guessing the Publisher channel needs to be configured the same
way as the Subscriber channel such as schema-unaware?
Can this be a triggerless configuration?
If this is a triggered configuration Event table name defaults to
indirect.indirect_process. Is this the table that needs to be created
and updated via DB triggers?
Does the Publisher channel require the use and logic of the event.log?
Assuming I have a indirect table defined (with a PK_CN) and updated via
DB triggers, I would assume I could use the Policy builder to do the
matching and placements to update records in vault.

I am new to this driver and I have read numerous cool solutions and
documentation to understand this driver. Not an easy one to get a handle

Any recommendations on the best way to proceed to activate the
Publisher channel in the current configuration would be greatly

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