Hey all, quick question regarding the SAP-USER and the SAP-HR drivers:
apparently, they come with a file called HRMD_A05 file that is
essentially a schema file for SAP that contains all of the fields in
SAP, including subtypes.

Currently my customer has this A05 file, but there have been updates to
SAP since then, and he seems to think there is an HRMD_A07 file that
contains all the latest schema items, including additional subtypes -
the issue, is that we have some fields like this, with no sub types:


And they should read:

P0105:BEGDA:[subtype here like '0001' or 'PS2']:27:8

I would think, I would simply be able to request a schema file from
SAP, similar to dumping a schema LDIF file from eDirectory. Any
thoughts? I can't think why Novell would have a later schema file if
they've made changes in their Schema . .unless these changes came as a
result of upgrading SAP. . .

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