Hi there,

Should I suppose that having an 'S' value in the event log status field
means that the corresponding row was actually converted in a proper
event and then such event is properly executed against the vault?

I'm worried of designing a logic based on the status field without
completely understand its purpose. I think it could either mean:

i) corresponding event log row is set to 'S' if the operation was
completely integrated into the vault.


ii) corresponding even log row has just been converted to an Event
by Driver Shim and such event is ready to be processed through the
Publisher Channel.

On the other hand, is the polling cycle the time between selecting data
and the events generation by the shim? Concretely, I could make use of
the "Post Polling" but I am not sure if this step is executed after the
all Publisher Channel (inclded the vault ones) operations or just before

All in all, I do not completely understand the way of getting a
"feedback message" in my DB after all publication operations being
performed. I guess that it should be the small green arrow that comes
back from the vault to the external systems (parallel to the subscriber

Any clarification would be really appretiated!

Thanks in advance and best regards

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