I've tried to install IDM 4.0 on windows 2003 a million times, but it
always fails. I've tried both Windows Ent. 2003 SP2 and Windows std 2003
SP2. The installation is on a vmware workstation 7. The vms has 2 GB of

What happends is that I first install eDir 8.8.6 (from the dvd). That
seems to go ok. Then I install iManager. That also works fine, but when
I install IDM it always ends with error (non-fatal it says). They seems
pretty fatal to me thou because when I try to deploy a driverset
Designer is complaining about the schema. The installation error log
gives en error on extending the schema (some file called sch_nt.cf).

The md5 sums of the iso is correct.

Anyone seens this? What am I doing wrong? I've done the same install on
sles11 without problems.


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