Hi All,

I have one strange issue, maybe it should be posted in forum of eDir.

We have IdM 3.6.1. Every write to eDir appears to be extremly slow.
We have just few hundreds of users (max 2000 objects in eDir).

Every write takes about 2 second - from 1.1 to 3 sec approx. And it
takes this time regardless on load of the server.
Reads are fast. there are no problems. There is also enough memory.

The server is Win 2008 Srv, eDir is 8.8.5 - standard installation of
Novell IdM 3.6.1.

Some traces of null driver (<creation of new user):
[02/16/11 19:47:15.014]:Null Driver ST: Pumping XDS to eDirectory.
[02/16/11 19:47:15.014]:Null Driver ST: Performing operation modify
for \IDMTREE\SEPSAS\ps\2000\2200\2230\ps9501.
[02/16/11 19:47:15.014]:Null Driver ST: Modifying entry
[02/16/11 19:47:17.904]:Null Driver ST: Fixing up reciprocal link from
\IDMTREE\companyname\ps\2000\2200\2230\ps9501#Grou p Membership.
[02/16/11 19:47:19.311]:Null Driver ST: Reciprocal link:
\IDMTREE\companyname\ps\2000\2200\2230\ps2230Grp#M ember.
[02/16/11 19:47:19.311]:Null Driver ST: Fixing up reciprocal link from
\IDMTREE\companyname\ps\2000\2200\2230\ps9501#Grou p Membership.
[02/16/11 19:47:20.623]:Null Driver ST: Reciprocal link:
\IDMTREE\companyname\ps\GRP\Organizacia\PS_townnam e#Member.
[02/16/11 19:47:20.623]:Null Driver ST: Processing returned document.
[02/16/11 19:47:20.623]:Null Driver ST: Processing operation <status>
for .
[02/16/11 19:47:20.623]:Null Driver ST:
DirXML Log Event -------------------
Driver: \IDMTREE\companyname\services\IDM Drivers\Null Driver
Channel: Subscriber
Status: Success

Do you have any ideas ?

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