I have NIM1 & NIM2 and all synchronizations are working fine across both
the NIMs. There is one issue where after the user is created, his
password expiration time is set to current date & time. So, when the
user tries to log in to NIM1, he/she is prompted with password change &
after he/she logs in, his/her password is changed and as per the policy
his/her password expiration date is set to 90 days from now. Even in
NIM2 the password is updated. The problem is, in NIM2, the password
expiration date for this user is not set to 90 days from now. In other
words, password expiration data is not synched only in this scenario.
Your help on this is much appreciated. Thanks.

Note: I have set my log file which captures the trace but no log is
generated in this while this scenario happens.

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