Novell eDirectory 8.8.X
Windows Server 2003 R2
Delimited Text Driver (Publisher-only) - One Way sync.

I have a Delimited text dirver with both java extensions setups
*"InputSorter"*,* "PreProcessor"*. the PreProcessor is working, but the
InputSorter on the same driver is not being invoked or working looks

I'm using the log4j, but it doesn't look like the InputSorter is being
invoked at all ...

My defination for InputSorter is on my driver goes like this :

<input-sorter display-name="InputSorter
<input-sorter-params display-name="InputSorter init string">MY CONFIG

ref : *'Delimited Text Driver using the Java Interface'

I have tried to setup the "InputSorter" with *</definations>* tags, but
the same results!!!!!!

I found the Class "SortByModified.java" source with the IDM4 Install.

Any help guys ?



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