IDM 3.6.1 SOAP driver

I want to make a plain, simple https GET to a URL which has a CGI
parameter (the string after the ?). The purpose is to read the wsdl from
the SOAP endpoint. Since I cannot do this via http plain text I don't
know what the shim is sending, but I was able to retrieve the WSDL using
a wget command using this URL. The shim gives me a 500 Internal Server

From the shim trace it looks like it recognized the URL and that it was
a get but stripped off the CGI parameter. Is there a special super
secret way of sending CGI parameters in the SOAP driver?

DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.086]: TRACE: Remote Loader: Calling
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.087]: TRACE: <nds dtdversion="3.5"
<product version="">DirXML</product>
<contact>Novell, Inc.</contact>
<query class-name="wsdl" event-id="0"
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.091]: TRACE: SPML: Value of boolean flag
'remove-existing' is : false
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.093]: TRACE: SPML:
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.093]: TRACE: SPML: Preparing HTTP GET
connection to
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.094]: TRACE: SPML: Setting up SSL
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.102]: TRACE: SPML: Setting the following
HTTP request properties:
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.103]: TRACE: SPML: Authorization:
<credentials suppressed>
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.103]: TRACE: SPML: SOAPAction:
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.104]: TRACE: SPML: Content-Type:
text/xml; charset=utf-8
DirXML: [02/01/11 09:29:41.255]: TRACE: SPML: Response code and
message: 500 Internal Server Error

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