Hi Guys,

I've got a strange issue with a loopback driver. It has a trigger job
in it which seems to successfully run once. The job is currently set to
run manually. If I trigger the job a second time it never runs and the
driver appears to stop.

I also noticed that there is no heartbeat coming through in the traces
which I found strange.

The environment is a SLES11 64 bit box with 32-bit Edir 8.8.5 and IDM
3.6.1 with the latest patches. The same driver was running fine on
another IDM environment which is a Windows box and that instance has
successful heartbeats coming through in the trace.

Has anyone seen issues with trigger jobs not working properly on linux

Is there a reason that heartbeats wouldn't come through on the loopback

Everything I've been able to find online about trigger jobs suggests
bouncing eDirectory, and over the last few days eDir and the server
itself have been bounced repeatedly with no luck. Any pointers would be


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