I'm implementing a child table(POSITIONS) on an existing "indirect" table
(USER) in Oracle. Theoretically the primary key and foreign key constraints
are in place.

When I try a test migration from the USER table, the SQL the query event
includes my MV attribute in the request for information from the USER table
and its child does NOT contain a reference to the attribute stored in the
child table.

No error, just a query that seems to ignore the request.
In other cases we get the error that "DIRXML.POSITIONS is not a proper child
table of DIRXML.USER, and my DBA insists that all the cross table
references, FK, and PK are correct.

I can't find much on what would make the driver determine it is not a proper
child. Is there any config on the driver side, other than the schema map,
to specify the existence of the child table?

JDBC Driver version 3.5.4

Any other detail needed, I'll provide....ANy ideas?