I am curious, it looks like when Designer imports/compares/deploys a
project with Entitlement policies (like D3.5 and D4 do, but D3 does not
yet support them) it looks to me that it is evaluating the results.
I.e. Processing the LDAP search filter.

If you happen to have a tree with these things, where the entitlements
return hundreds of thousands of such values, do you find Designer takes
10-20 minutes for each of these operations?

(I am working on a million plus object tree, with 20+ entitlements,
which return most of those million objects and many of them twice).

Once we added a user, IRF'ed from the Entitlement policy container,
everything is back to normal Designer speed. (Which I wish was faster).

but i would love to see someone else who either noticed this, suffers
from it, or can reproduce/fix it?