I'm just installing a remoteloader (from idm3.6.1a) on Windows Server
2008 R2 Standard for a jdbc-sync with mssql.
Setup works fine, but my dirxml-service (created with rlconsole.exe)
starts only for few seconds till it's stopped with an microsoft event
error 7030 (interactive service discovered, which is not configured /
allowed on my server...) But service is allowed to act with the

Tried serveral installations and configurations (with domain-admin,
local administrator, "run as administrator option"...) but all without
UAC is also disabled, no firewall.... And second test installation on
W2K8 R2 Enterprise has the same problem...

For me it seems, that the registration of the service (DirXMLRemote
8000) went wrong. Testing with mircosoft "sc tool" gives me no new
informations, but comparing the registry-key under
HKLM...\System\CCS...\Services\DirXMLRemote 8000 with my running
installtion on a Windows 2003 Server show, that two keys are missing
(Enum and Security)...

So is there anybody out here, who has a running RemoteLoader on
W2k8R2??? - hopefully;-)
It would be great help for some information about the missing registry
keys or any other ideas to this problem.

best regards

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