Hi all,

I have the ID provider driver set up and working in a dev environment,
one of my drivers on a different IDV hits the RMI server address with a
getNextID request and all relevent attributes and i get an ID returned.
All good.

I have since moved the IDV to a new subnet with a firewall inbetween,
all works well with everything except now when my driver tries to get an
ID from the RMI server it gets a -1 returned. I have added the policy to
another driver on the same subnet, different IDV and it all works fine
so it would apear to be a network issue.

Ive run TCPDump on both of the servers that are communicating and i can
see traffic going back and forth on the RMI server port (1099) when the
driver tries to request an ID. I cant see anything from the RMI server
in the log though, it's as if it just doesnt receive the request, when i
get a request that works it shows up in the main DStrace, the request
that doesnt work shows nothing.

Anyone out there got any experience with this or some better way to

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