I have a problem with LDAP DRIVER installed on IDM 3.6.1a. The version
is 3.5.8.

I try to make import into IDV. Users are 7000, migrated with a single
attribute (total users are 150.000). The driver starts the import
without trouble. After a significant number of users, it starts giving
problems and without any particular error begins to discard the users to
be imported.
I did some testing to try to solve the problem. I set the engine
control values to migrate up to 10,000 users at a time. Inconclusive.
I finally tried to import users by entering one at a time, with a
single attribute value too.
The individual user is imported without problem within IDV.

Why migrate with too many people not working and importing a user at a
time there are no errors?

Can anyone give me some suggestions? I can not attach the log because
it is too large (800 MB). thanks!!!

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