We have a delimited-text driver which we use to create xml files from
add, modify and delete events. The events create appropriate records to
send to a SUNOne server managed by our partner. Twice a day the records
created by the events since the last transfer are rolled up into a
single xml file which is securely transferred to their site where they
process the records in the file.
When we add a new user to the Vault IDM creates two events leading to
an add record and a modify record for each new user. When the other
side process the records the modify record will fail because it is
performed immediately after the add.
How can I stop the driver from processing the modify so we only send
the add record when a new user is created, which would avoid this issue?
I have looked at Lothar's cool solution for delaying a change but I
don't think that would help because it would still create the record so
would end up in the rolled up file.


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