I recently setup our AD driver to provision Exchange 2007 mailboxes and
I just ran into an issue when it tried to create a mailbox for a user
with an apostrophe in their last name:

DirXML Log Event -------------------
Channel: Subscriber
Object: \IDV\ORG\PEOPLE\WORKFORCE\1054123512
Status: Error
Message: Exchange 2007 Exception. code:0x00000238 Error completing exchange 2007 command. ERROR: The string starting:
At line:1 char:199
+ Enable-Mailbox -Identity 'CN=O'Mally\, Sally,OU=accounts,DC=org,DC=com' -Database 'exchserver\SG1 is missing the terminator: '.


I know that I could probably fix this by simply stripping apostrophe's
from the CN/DN of new accounts, but I'm curious if anyone else has run
into this and solved it a different way. For example, maybe there's a
trick to tell the driver to identify the user with the sAMAccountName
instead of the DN?

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