I'm trying to configure the 3.61 scripting driver to connect to a remote
loader on a Windows 2008 server. I can't get it to connect - it just
times out. The remote loader log does show 'got valid connection' but
the driver never reflects this.

Here is the scripting driver log from the engine side, log level 6:
'[01/06/11 10:41:50.502]:scripting :Reading named p -
ScriptingDriverLog' (http://pastebin.com/8VzXUpvf)

And here is the remote loader connection log, log level 10: '2011-01-06
10:41:14 [4924@4740] (drv_statuslog): - RemoteLoaderLog'

I have an AD remote loader running on port 8090 on this machine and
it's working fine. The scripting driver is configured to use port 8091.

Any suggestions?

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