I have a problem in two environments: One installed with the integrated
installer on 1 VM. One with a separate install on various servers at a

I've followed the steps from the manual:
- EAS install
- Reporting install (RBPM was already installed)
- Driver adding (with logging enabled, no errors)

When i login to the reporting module via the UserApp , i have all
things running as it should with one problem: When i click the
'Auditing' menu option the Reporting module gives me a nice red error:
"# Error 12/28/2010: REST Error Receiver, 500,

I can specify the SSL Syslog port and the audit connector port, but
the errors stays. Is this a problem of am i missing something?

Second question that is related to the Event Auditing Service Settings:
When i specify the ports there, do i need to restart the RBPM install
and specifiy Novell Identity Audit on the lasts steps of installing the
UserApp on the JBoss server? As far as i know this is a different Audit
service so i should leave it at 'no, do not configure identity audit or
sentinal' Is this correct?

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