If you did not see this, go look:

This is an Excel spreadsheet that you provide a set of names of projects
like DEV1 DEV2 QA1 PROD in the row across the top.

and then in each row down the side fill in a string like an IP Address
of a server in DEV1, and then the correct value in the 3 other systems.

It will work through a Designer project and build a DEV2, QA1, and PROD
copy of the project with all the strings replaced.

Very useful for staging.

One downside is it will trounce the iManager JPG for the driver image.
Still do not know why.

We have used this to deploy fairly complex projects with PRD's as well.
(It looks inside all the base64 encoded strings as well).

Now to get the Designer team to add this function to Designer itself!