On the page:

Section 5.3.3 it talks about create rules, and shows this XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<create-rule class-name="User" description="GroupWise Account
Required Attributes">
<!-- Description attribute is given a default value in both
eDirectory and in GroupWise -->
<required-attr attr-name="Description" write-back="true">
<value type="String"><![CDATA[eDirectory User
synchronized by GroupWise Driver]]></value>

Umm, <create-rules> ??? What is that? I do not recall this in the XDS

Ah, I found it... In the NDS DTD from this page:

It lists:
Object creation rule. Deprecated as of Identity Manager 2.0.

Top-level element for object creation rules. Deprecated as of Identity
Manager 2.0.

So wow. DirXML 1.1a code still in IDM 4 docs. Seriously?