Many applications we would like to use as a primary source for id data, are
not capable of publishing data in the way the SOAP driver publisher channel
is built up: The SOAP driver acts as a web service, waiting for ws-clients
to initiate contact and publish data.

However, most applications have a web service interface, waiting for a ws-
client to initiate calls and then replies with data.

Is there an easy way to modify the SOAP driver to initiate a ws client call
on the publisher channel, to have the application web service respond with
the data?

I know it is possible to use java-extensions
and modify the PublisherTransport, but that seems a bit complex to do...
(examples anyone?)

Another way to do it, a bit ugly though, could be to have a scheduled job
the Subscriber channel that makes the Subscriber Transport act as the ws-
client to initiate communication with the app web service, the returned
will be posted to the Publisher channel and could then be transformed to
normal ADDs....

Any other suggestions?

Toralf Lote