Be blunt with me, please. If the driver object (not the driver set) was
deleted from the tree through the iManager Browser and not through the
IDM snap-in, what are the ramifications? Basically I'm seeing an
enormous amount of disk activity on the server that hosted the driver,
which I'm worried means that it's scanning/modifying everything in the
tree with an association to that driver. I was under the impression
that it only did this when you removed the driver set, not just the
driver, so I'm not sure whether I should wait or what. NDSRepair locks
up on the server that hosted the driver, and it locks up on other
servers when they try to connect to it with an ndsrepair -E. I'm
guessing I just have to wait it out until it's done doing whatever it is
that it's doing, but I'd like to know what I'm in for when it's all
done. Thanks!

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