I am in the proccess of writing a SOAP driver that will allow our
request system to send SOAP messages to IDM in order to create accounts.
This is my first SOAP driver and it is going well so far but I have run
into a problem.

The usernames will be determined within IDM policies which, for most of
the accounts, will work great because the information I need to generate
the name will be in the SOAP request coming from our request system.
Unfortunately we have a few account types that the account name is just
a two character prefix followed by an incrementing five digit number
(i.e. em00000, em00001, etc...). The request system does not have any
way of knowing what the next number in line is so it can't give me any
information I can use to determine the account name other than what
prefix I need to use for it.

I need a way to query eDir to see what the highest account number is
currently and take the next higher number. I have thought about using
the query token but am not sure if that would work the way I am thinking
and I am not sure how I would go about getting the next highest account
if I can get a nodeset with all the current accounts. I am also not sure
how efficient that would be since we currently have around 1,500
accounts for some of the account types so every time it would get a
request to create a new account, it would have to query for that big
list then parse through it to find the highest numbered account and add
one to it.

Any help and/or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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