I just wanted see what's the wrong with this rule. I'm trying to query
for dn which has attribute value equivalent to destdn in the destination
container but I see nothing in the trace even though query status
> <do-set-local-variable name="destobj" scope="policy">
> <arg-node-set>
> <token-query class-name="someclass">
> <arg-dn>
> <token-global-variable name="dest-context"/>
> </arg-dn>
> <arg-match-attr name="attrdn">
> <arg-value type="string">
> <token-dest-dn/>
> </arg-value>
> </arg-match-attr>
> </token-query>
> </arg-node-set>
> </do-set-local-variable>

for your info, dest-dn and dest-context are two different containers in
the tree.


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