I am trying to configure my SAP User driver to connect to my back-end
SAP systems via an intermediate Message Server. However, I can see no
way of configuring the various options (e.g. Logon Group etc) in the
driver config.

If I use the JCO test utility (uses JRfcTest class) then the
connectivity works OK as this is prompting me for the various message
server values that are required. I can also configure the driver to
connect directly to just one of the back-end systems OK. The problem is
when going through the intermediate Message Server (it's acting as a
load balancer) as the driver doesn't "know" that this is not a "real"
SAP server.

How do I go about supplying the IDM Shim with these config values so
that it can successfully connect via a SAP Message Server ?

Many thanks !!

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