I have a Edir driver connecting 2 Vaults, A and B.

Synchronisation from Vault A to B is vetoed until the attribute
'employeeType' is populated.

When an account is created in Vault A a loopback driver constructs the
'employeeType' attribute. The account can then be synchronised to Vault
B. There is a Generic Null driver in Vault B that creates Workorder
objects. The Workorder object uses the value in 'employeeType'.

employeeType is in the eDir connector filter to synchronise in both
Vault channels. I have also tried using subscriber sync and publisher
retry on Vault A. However, it does not appear in the input document on
the Publisher channel of Vault B. This attribute is also mandatory, and
passes the test in the Create Rule.

I have annotated some comments on the script preceeded with ****.

There are several things I do not understand namely,
why this attribute does not appear in the input document to Vault B
why it is not picked up by the Generic Null driver in Vault B when a
query returns th value correctly

Another observation is that if I create a single account in Vault A and
allow the whole process to procede, it works correctly. As soon as I
create more than one account, it fails. Is this a timing issue ?

In order to upload the trace, I have removed several attibutes from the
list in the document so that it is not too big. I hope I have not
edited it incorrectly.

The attached trace is for Vault B only.

IDM 3.6.1, eDir 8.8.5 on SLES10 SP3

Many thanks for all your help.

Trace at 'Stage PT:: Received. Stage PT: <nds dtdversion=\" - Trace for
sync' (http://pastebin.com/3JJ1BNDE)

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