Anyone any guidance or samples for this type of scenario:
I want to send an email when a user attribute ( a qualification date )
is more than four years ago.
My first approach is looking at an article from dgersic from 4th march
this year 'High Performance Data Extract Driver for Identity Manager'
(http://www.novell.com/communities/print/node/9676), and if Dave is
about thanks for the article.
This would be to set up a weekly job, and use the trigger to kick off a
policy doing the attribute dd/mm/yyyy compare to date and see if this
will go.
In the article he then progresses to using an ldap search, but I do not
know that I can apply my date compare function this way.
Another approach could possible use the Jobs method, has anyone ever
done any custom jobs? I would think the password detect job might be a
start for the type of thing I want, but I cannot see any examplesof

Any views , help or examples much appreciated.

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