We have some AD drivers, with RL's on 2008R2 x64 where events on the Sub
channel process, but the shim is not picking up AD events.

In fact we added some code to monitor the drives, such that every 5
minutes we write to AD, then read it back and record it centrally.

We then check to be sure all the tracked drivers have read - write (or
is it write - read? Whatever, absolute value of) is not delayed by more
than a few minutes.

Thus we know we can write to AD, and read from AD. But when we restart
the RL, we suddenly see a huge stream of events flow through. These are
all coming from AD.

So the events in AD are stalled (not missed, since they process through
once the RL is restarted).

Very annoying. Was not happening on 2008 32 bit before. They rebuilt
some DCs as 2008 R2 64 Core, then moved the RL to it, then rebuilt the

Nothing to show in trace, since our monitoring is working, and Sub
channel is working, but events in AD generate nothing in trace.