Ok, first of all I do not have any rights outside of the Remote Loader
and the IDMAdmin ID for the AD environment at our company.

Our AD and Exchange guys are going to be migrating from Exchange 2003 to
Exchange 2010 any day now.

I have been asked what changes should the existing AD driver need to have

After reveiwing the AD documentation I have setup the exchange tools etc
on a new RL, Windows 2008 RC2 in the lab

I made the changes to the AD driver (GCV updates etc)

Change the GCV setting to be Exchange 2010

Here is my problem;

I can create the mailbox. that's good

How do I get these attibutes populated and run these powershell scripts
that the exchange guys want created when the user is created?

To top it off some sales guy is "almost" convinced my CIO to replace
novell's IDM with the Quest software as he says the Quest software
"FULLY" supports the powershell features for Exchange 2010 from their
connector in their IDM product and Novell's product doesnt except for
basic stuff...and so far it looks like he is right

I see elsewhere we could buy another driver for Novell for exchange 2010
but that means paying for something that the Novell sales guy told my
boss he won't have to for AD and Exchange...

what is a poor identity vault admin suppose to do...

Any help/direction would be appreciated.