Just got an error I have never seen before and hopefully never will

I got a loopback driver that renames and moves the new users at
activation date.
Today we got a new user and the unique name part discovered an
duplicate so it moved to the next suggestion and found a unique name.
This is the first problem, it did exist! This is in the Id Vault with
two server and both have full replicas.

Anyway, it goes on with moving the account and setting a new password.
This is the step where I would be glad to get an error but no, no
So what happens is that the existing account gets all the attributes
from the new account, I am not sure about the password but I would bet
on it to.

Before I went through the logs to get this I cleaned out the account
for the poor guy who accidentally got a split personality and created a
new account with the same process.
This time it worked like it should and like it usually does, so I blame
it on a eDir temporary unable to respond thing.

What does worry a bit though is the mixup.

Spooky morning.

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