So John D nicely sent me a driver trace, and I started reading the
policy for the Managed System Driver. This is certainly interest policy.

Anyway, I noticed in the policy object
NOVLMSGWMSYS-sub-etp-DirtyManagedSystemCache, the last rule Dirty Cache,
has a bunch of conditions, but the final condition is:

<if-xml-attr mode="regex" name="src-dn" op="equal">.+MSysInfo</if-xml-attr>

The condition is, Src-dn has MSysInfo in the DN? I agree, I have not
read the full driver yet to see if it makes such an object, but to
assume a naming convention seems weak. I.e. I can name my driver
anything. Does the driver create an object structure that has MSysInfo
in the DN?

Does someone have a running instance to do look at for me and check?