Hi all!

I´ve tried to install the EAS as single component on a SLES11SP1
machine several times, but the installation always failed. A lot of
files are missing in the directory /opt/novell/sentinel_eas. The
installer complains about /opt/novell/sentinel_eas/setenv.sh and that it
can´t update the server.xml with the database port.

No Errors are logged to Event_Auditing_Service_InstallLog.log and


-2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM
[com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] Installing into Default
directory /opt/novell/sentinel_eas
2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] Using
Admin Password from environment
2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] Using
DBA Password from environment
2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults]
Installing as Complete install
2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.SetSLMDefaults] END of
setting defaults
2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.RemoveQuotes] Begin
2010.10.19 03:15:58 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.RemoveQuotes] END
2010.10.19 03:17:12 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] Using
PostgreSQL port 15432
2010.10.19 03:17:12 PM [com.novell.installer.slm.UpdateXML] modifying
server.xml with PostgreSQL port: 15432-


Installation: Successful.

75 Successes
0 Warnings
0 NonFatalErrors
0 FatalErrors

It doesn´t matter if i use the unified installer and select only the
EAS component or if i use the EAS Installer from the products/EAS
directory on the DVD. Reinstalling again over a failed installation also
doesn´t help. The MD5 checksum of the ISO is correct.

When installing EAS as part of a complete IDM4 installation on one box
(same SLES version and patches), the installations finishes

Has anyone successfully set up EAS only?


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