Hi, I have AD User -> IDVault User -> eDir file/print tree User sync
working OK except for one area.

AD has an OU "Org Users" under which there are sub-OU's. When creating
a user in any container, a user is created in IDVault Users container
which is intended as a flat tree, so the GCV on the AD driver is set to
flat for the "Pub channel placement type". So far so good.

However, when that User goes to the eDir file/print tree, I want it to
go into an OU under the Users container just like it was in AD. So, the
edir-edir driver needs to somehow get the target OU information from
existing attributes on the user in IDVault.

My guess is that I need to leverage the DirXML-ADContext attribute on
the user object in IDVault, but since that contains a long string like
"CN=First Last,OU=test,OU=Org Users,DC=org,DC=com", I need to get the
part "OU=test" and make that the target OU.

What is the best approach? Any advice appreciated.

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