Has anyone noticed any interesting differences between the driver
packages and the default configurations?

I.e. Did they fix the configs in the IDM 4 release in a way that is
worth noting and 'back-porting' to existing drivers?

I notice in a first 2 minute look that the AD drivers's Pub-event that
they put in a fix for the Compare. It tests Cached-object-value being
equal to current-object-value.

In the V7 default config it uses an XPATH of

In the Package 1.0.0 it uses:
if local variable Cached-object-value equal, case insensitive,

Which basically makes the compare case insensitive instead of case
sensitive (XPATH equality test).

Subtle, but useful to note.

Anyone spotted any others? This would be worth tracking in an article..
Hmm... Tell you what, lets gather a few examples and then I will put
them together and get the article started to collect more feedback?
Maybe nag Volker and his group to comment even....