I have not had time to play with it at a client or in a lab yet much.

So any initial thoughts from people?

I am liking Packages, and working through some of the fun new features
and complexity. I am just about to start looking through the fully
optioned AD Driver to see what is new.

I played with the Salesforce.com driver, but it is only Sub channel, so
you can read my thoughts on how to make a bidirectional version in the
series I wrote on it:


I want to play with Reporting but have not yet had time. I think that
will be really cool.

RBPM looks like it mostly got bug fixes and ECMA/GCV support (Which I do
not want to underrate as 'mostly' since those two features are LONG
overdue.) Also I guess some new base roles (Reporting of course, and
Roles/Resources now mean you can use the Role Mapping Admin tool).

I am still trying to understand the value of the Sharepoint driver (see
an earlier thread).

Any comments from the cheap seats to share? (I remember the 'cheap
seats' at the old stadium in toronto. I hear that is better than some
places, since they actually had seats!!)